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WHATWG Weekly: Parsing APIs

by Anne van Kesteren in Weekly Review

And again the HTML standard was trimmed some more. This time the parsing APIs (innerHTML and friends) were taken out and integrated into DOM Parsing and Serialization. The upside of this is that the APIs now apply more generically and can also be used with MathML and SVG (well, once implementors adopt the changes).

W3C WebApps WG

At the W3C WebApps WG the DOM standard is starting to take shape. Aligning implementations on their implementation of the DOM. Most recently the Range API has been integrated to make it unambiguous how node trees and ranges work together. Read its goals section to get an idea of the scope.

In addition, the Clipboard API, also developed by the W3C WebApps WG, has been updated with a fully defined processing model.

Feedback on all these changes is very much appreciated!


The W3C launched a Web Security Interest Group which you can join by signing up for the public-web-security mailing list.

In addition a Web Application Security Working Group was chartered to work on clickjacking and cross-site scripting defenses.

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