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Update from the Steering Group

Thursday, April 29th, 2021

A couple things the Steering Group has been working on recently reached a new milestone and seemed noteworthy enough to highlight to the wider WHATWG community.

As you may know the WHATWG formally collaborates with W3C on the DOM and HTML standards. In practice there is also a significant overlap in membership and sharing of ideas. We recently reached a new milestone in this endeavor as W3C has marked Review Drafts of the DOM and HTML standards as W3C Recommendations. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the W3C community for their cooperation on these important web standards.

In response to community feedback we clarified “work in the field of web technologies” in the Contributor and Workstream Participant Agreement. And while for the most part Individuals and Entities alike have had no trouble signing up and contributing en masse to the WHATWG, we added the possibility for individuals to be invited. This has some similarities to W3C’s Invited Expert program and will be used for a select few cases where this might be worthwhile.

Finally, to make it easier to embed code from our standards into software, the BSD 3-Clause license can now be used for that purpose as stipulated in the IPR Policy.

Thanks to everyone for their continued feedback on these matters over the years!

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