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WHATWG Weekly: Rich-Text Editing on the Web

by Anne van Kesteren in Weekly Review

This week the HTML specification gained four new methods and also lost some weight due to higher quality “competing” proposals for editing related APIs.

registerProtocolHandler() and registerContentHandler() gained four complementary methods. isProtocolHandlerRegistered() and isContentHandlerRegistered() to determine whether the user is already using the site in question to handle the specified scheme or media type, and unregisterProtocolHandler() and unregisterContentHandler() to give the site the ability to offer an opt-out user interface.

Editing Exodus

The UndoManager proposal contained in the HTML specification has now been removed in favor of the work Ryosuke Niwa has been doing on UndoManager and DOM Transaction.

The execCommand() method and friends have also been removed from the HTML specification in favor of the work Aryeh Gregor has been doing on HTML Editing APIs.

Editing Meeting

A couple of people from Google and Mozilla came together in Canada to discuss the various challenges authors face with editing on the web and how they can be tackled. Ehsan Akhgari wrote a detailed report Future of editing on the web that is well worth reading.

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