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WHATWG Weekly: Permanently Binding Decorative Components

by Anne van Kesteren in Weekly Review

Simon Pieters posted SRT timestamp research. Ryosuke Niwa updated his UndoManager and DOM Transaction proposal. This is the WHATWG Weekly.

HTML standard

In revision 6657 Ian Hickson removed the text/html-sandboxed MIME type from the HTML standard. The goal of the MIME type was to allow untrusted content to be hosted on the same origin as trusted content. However, given that older versions of Internet Explorer treat content with the text/html-sandboxed MIME type as content with a text/html MIME type instead of as downloadable content, the text/html-sandboxed MIME type did not meet its design goals.

Revision 6668 introduces the ability for the itemtype attribute to take more than one value. This makes it easier to mark up items in Microdata that share a vocabulary.


On the WebApps WG mailing list Ian Hickson outlined his current views on bindings. In particular the separation between bindings that expose an API (permanent bindings) and bindings that are stylistic (decorator bindings). Meanwhile Roland Steiner has updated the Component Model Discussion wiki page with the open issues, giving a good overview over where we are at this point.

2 Responses to “WHATWG Weekly: Permanently Binding Decorative Components”

  1. I never knew about text/html-sandboxed. I don’t get it. If this is a kind of standard, then why IE (Microsoft) doesn’t follow? Why we should always suffer from IE?

  2. HTML5 is supposed to be backwards-compatible. If text/html-sandboxed already works incorrectly in older IE, then it’s not a good value to propose. As mentioned in the blog post, the expected outcome was that the new MIME type would be treated by IE as downloadable content.