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WHATWG Weekly: Simplifying the DOM

by Anne van Kesteren in Weekly Review

Odin Hørthe Omdal brought up cross-origin image loading via CORS as Gecko and WebKit have different implementations. Julien Chaffraix considers the relation between the disabled and sheet IDL attributes of the link element to be insufficiently defined. Welcome to the first WHATWG Weekly this October.

HTML is the new HTML

In an attempt to further simplify our efforts, Web Applications 1.0 and its HTML subset have been merged into what is now known as HTML. Redirects are in place, so unless you were writing a thesis on the subject (sorry, FlorianX!), everything should be in order.

Easier element creation

Anne van Kesteren [yes, that's me] suggested a simplified way of creating elements. Basically representing elements and their descendants as an array structure. Combined with the proposal from Ojan Vafai on new DOM manipulation methods this has the potential to drastically improve working with the DOM. You are encouraged to share your thoughts on the matter on the www-dom mailing list.

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