Please leave your sense of logic at the door, thanks! HTML Parser 1.4 Available

by Henri Sivonen in WHATWG

A new release of the HTML Parser is available. The new version 1.4 contains minor adjustments to spec compliance and fixes for notable Java-specific problems (of the crash and infinite loop sort). Also, the parser is again available from the Maven Central Repository (groupId: nu.validator.htmlparser, artifactId: htmlparser, version: 1.4).

Upgrading to the newest version is recommended for all users of all previous versions.


One Response to “ HTML Parser 1.4 Available”

  1. Much as I would love to upgrade (previously using 1.2.1 because it was the latest in Maven), the XOM integration is unfortunately broken due to this code in the constructor of nu.validator.htmlparser.xom.HtmlBuilder:

    this.driver = null;

    That’s a guaranteed NullPointerException!