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Relationship update on HTML Living Standard and W3C HTML5

by Anne van Kesteren in W3C, WHATWG

In an email to the WHATWG mailing list Ian Hickson explained how the relationship between the WHATWG and W3C effort around HTML has evolved. It is recommended reading if you want to know the details.

In summary, we will remain focused on improving HTML and related technologies to address the needs of users, developers, and user agents. The W3C HTML WG has decided to focus on producing a snapshot: HTML5. We anticipate the net effect to be accelerated development of the HTML Living Standard.

2 Responses to “Relationship update on HTML Living Standard and W3C HTML5”

  1. Support WHATWG!!!!!!
    Dead W3C is fool!
    Right Direction: Compatible old specs, not strict! Creative New things, not snapshot!

  2. As a web designer I’ve always relied on the W3C standards when complying with client requirements. It was how I could affirm that contractual requirements were met. Now what are we supposed to do?