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Offline Web Applications

by Anne van Kesteren in W3C

Since HTML5 is a large specification Ian and I, being encouraged by Dan Connolly from the W3C, wrote an introductory document to the offline Web application features in HTML5 — Offline Web Applications — which the W3C published earlier today. In summarized form, it explains the SQL API, the offline application cache API, and some of the related APIs, such as online and offline events.

7 Responses to “Offline Web Applications”

  1. Nice, un-intimidating summary.

    You say The SQL statement callback gets passed the transaction object and a SQL statement result object, but in the example the SQL statement callback does not appear to accept a transaction object.

  2. Then I take it the transaction object is passed as the second argument, and not the first (as the order in the above quote would seem to imply).

    Actually, the HTML5 spec shows the SQLStatementCallback as receiving a SQLTransaction as the first parameter and a SQLResultSet as the second, and doesn’t say the first is optional at all.

    Just pointing out something that doesn’t seem right. I don’t care if you don’t care.

  3. My apologies, I overlooked something. I think you’re right and the example is wrong. So much for including code examples without testing.

  4. Milo, the executeSql() bits have been edited in place. (Hopefully I made no new mistakes or left mistakes in there.)

  5. Looks good to me now! (Which I also say without testing anything.)