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HTML5 Presentation at @media 2008

by James Graham in WHATWG

Lachlan Hunt and I recently gave a presentation entitled Getting Your Hands Dirty with HTML5 at the @media 2008 conference in London. The audience was mainly front-end developers; the kind of people who are using HTML to make a living, so it was a great chance to get the message out about some of the new features that have been under development.

The talk covered the Design Principles under which HTML5 is being developed, how some of the features of HTML5 can be used to enhance common web sites, and how people can get involved with the development of HTML5.

The presentation seemed to go reasonably well, especially given that we had not met till the morning of the talk although we did have fewer demos than I would have liked, both due to technical problems in the talk and a lack of time to prepare. So, for those who were at the talk (as well as those who were not), here are a somewhat random collection of demos of the HTML5 features we mentioned:

If anyone who saw the presentation is reading this and would like to provide constructive criticism on the talk, I would really appreciate it; giving talks is fun so it would be nice to get better at it 🙂

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