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WHATWG meetups

by Anne van Kesteren in WHATWG

Next week is the W3C Technical Plenary in Mandelieu, France. Several WHATWG contributors will be hanging out there attending W3C Working Group meetings (CSS, WebApps, HTML) and the Technical Plenary Day. Longtime WHATWG contributor and hacker Henri Sivonen will feature on a panel discussing the future of XML. Silvia Pfeiffer, who has contributed to discussions on video in HTML, will give a lightning talk titled "Beyond HTML5 video". If you happen to be near Mandelieu next week let us know so we can meet up! (E.g., by leaving a comment here, joining our IRC channel or by sending an e-mail to e.g. Ian, Henri, Ben, Lachlan, or Anne (me).)

The week after that several WHATWG contributors are hoping to meet up in a bar in Mountain View, close to San Francisco. Michael Carter (Web Sockets fame) is organizing that through the WHATWG specifications mailing list. It will likely be Tuesday October 28 at 7PM. More details will be announced later. If you want to come please let Michael Carter know. Leaving a comment on this blog entry is probably good enough.

3 Responses to “WHATWG meetups”

  1. I won’t be receiving e-mail or IRC while at the event since I don’t have a laptop. However, I imagine people living in the 21st century will often be near enough to tell me when (or rather, if) someone is trying to find me. 🙂

  2. Lisa, sorry for letting your comment through so late. It turns out that Tuesday is the best day for most people. Better luck next time!