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by Shelley Powers in Weekly Review

This week was more continuation of previous discussions, though there are changes and decisions of note.

A new discussion broke out about making checkboxes readonly.

Discussion still continues on styling details, in addition to other questions on the elements' implementation, including an implementation proposal.

Ian Hickson wrote about changes he made to the MediaController, as noted in detail in the HTML5 change tracker.

Ian also applied changes based on previous W3C HTML WG decisions, including the decision on modifying the ARIA mapping table. This change, though, generated some disagreement, and the change was reverted.

Over in the W3C there are several decisions of note.

The first is related to Issue-32 on table summary. The co-chairs agreed with the proposal to continue obsoleting <table> @summary.

The co-chairs also made a decision on Issue 27 on rel ownership. The decision was in favor of the change proposal to defer to the Microformats community for maintaining rel values.

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water...the <u> element is back. Cue Jaws music.

The decision about Issue 147, playbackrate undefined is in favor of the proposal to consider playback rate a hardware limitation and not to expose it in an API.

Today, the co-chairs posted a decision on Issue 131 caret-location-api. The proposal adopted modifies the existing Canvas 2D API caret and focus ring support to drive screen magnification, with a couple of caveats, detailed in the decision. Concerns have been expressed about the caveats, primarily because previous decisions have focused mainly on choosing between proposals, not choosing a proposal and modifying it. The only other decision where this has happened is the decision related to the ARIA mapping.

In other news:

Robin Berjon announced the Call for Consensus for a FPWD of the new Calendar API. It joins with the publication of the 8 drafts from the HTML WG, including HTML5.

The Grid Layout First Working Draft was also published, as well as the FPWD for the Vocabularies for EmotionML, and the Last Call for the Emotion Markup Language (EmotionML).

As always, if I missed something or made a mistake, send me an email or tweet, or leave a comment.

update Forgot this one: Sam Ruby put out a call for brainstorming for the next version of HTML. A wiki has been set up, and I believe all parties are welcome to participate—you don't have to be a member of HTML WG.

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  1. It seems to me Grid Layout and Flex-Box layout have somewhat overlapping goals. How do you think this will work out?