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WHATWG Weekly: Is XBL still alive? And what are Web Intents?

by Anne van Kesteren in Weekly Review

In commit 6559 CanvasPixelArray was destroyed in favor of Uint8ClampedArray from the Typed Arrays specification. DOM Core is now known as DOM4. Welcome to another WHATWG Weekly.

Web Intents

On the mailing list of the W3C WebApps WG James Hawkins with Google proposed that the group takes on the work of standardizing Web Intents. Web Intents allows for decentralization of service providers. Instead of "share on Twitter", "share on Facebook", etc. buttons sites can just have "share" button and the user can then select a service provider out of a list of services the user is using. And the way it is designed the type of actions, such as share, is limitless. I guess it remains to be seen how this works out, but it could potentially get us out of the single service provider silos.

There is some discussion going on regarding Web Intents, some technical, but mostly chartering and scope politics. Yawn.

Web Components or XBL

Dominic Cooney with Google reported on an informal Web Components meetup. The gist of it seems to be that the developers from Mozilla/Apple want something slightly different from their Google counterparts. They would prefer to go ahead with a trimmed version of XBL 2.0, having declarative templates, and a way to extend and augment existing elements. The Web Component proponents wanted to start out with a purely imperative model and basically create elements from scratch.

The next steps are not really clear, but this topic will likely come up again at the W3C TPAC meeting beginning of November.

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