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Weekly Review: May 2nd

by Shelley Powers in Weekly Review

I'll be ending my stint at the Weekly Review on May 23rd. Hopefully in that time, we'll see a lot of activity.

Simon Heckmann provided a proposal for an application descriptor that triggered a good discussion in the WHATWG email list. Check out the HTML version of his proposal.

Related to the app descriptor proposal, Dave Raggett mentioned efforts by Mozilla and others regarding web apps asking for extra privileges and mentioned that a new W3C WG on this topic will be starting within a few months.

Discussion began anew on a content-disposition property for <a> tags.

A long discussion in the W3C HTML WG was triggered by a patch proposed by Ian Hickson related to a decided HTML WG issue, in this case, I believe it was related to Issue 131.

Point of fact, the discussion on Issue 131 more or less dominated the HTML WG email list, spawning multiple threads, including one on applying the Issue 131 decision and another on a proposed alternative.

However, there was still room for a discussion on another decision related to the meta-generator exception for missing alt text (including an objection to the decision), and two others on longdesc: one on thinking of longdesc outside the box, and another on the expectations related to aria-describedby pointing to a link element.

HTML WG co-chair Paul Cotton re-published the LC schedule for HTML5 and also instructed the HTML5 editor to finish implementations on any remaining decided issues with the exception of Issue 152, and to publish a new working draft incorporating the decisions. The new draft incorporates previous decisions except those for Issue 131, which, as noted earlier, is still under discussion.

The schedule shows that the HTML5 LC WD goes to survey the week of May 15-22, and is scheduled to be published on May 24.

The W3C HTML5 WG co-chairs published a questionnaire on preferred HTML5 license types. As of this morning, 3341 out of 388421 members have responded. The poll continues to May 5th.

The W3C issued several news announcements related to spec drafts and publications:

Moving outside the W3C and WHATWG, introduced us to the new CSS3 Grid Layout module, as well as the release candidate for CSS3 Multicolumn Layout and an updated working draft for CSS3 Text.

Silvia Pfieffer summarized, clarified, and provided demonstrations related the discussions about HTML5 multi-track audio or video that has threaded both the HTML WG and WHATWG email lists the past few months.

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