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This Week in HTML 5 – Episode 21

by Mark Pilgrim, Google in Weekly Review

Welcome back to "This Week in HTML 5," where I'll try to summarize the major activity in the ongoing standards process in the WHATWG and W3C HTML Working Group.

The big news this week is more major work on the non-normative section on rendering HTML documents, including a lot of reverse-engineered documentation of legacy (invalid) attributes that users expect browsers to support.

In addition, one major section was dropped from HTML 5 this week: an algorithm for determining what object is under the cursor (presuming, of course, that the cursor is within the region of the screen which contains an HTML document, and the current context has a screen, and the current context has a cursor). Ian Hickson has announced on www-style that, in accordance with that group's consensus, the algorithm would be better maintained in a future CSS specification.

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Tune in next week for another exciting episode of "This Week in HTML 5."

4 Responses to “This Week in HTML 5 – Episode 21”

  1. Just a note of thanks for compiling all this every week, Mark.

  2. In what sense is the IE8 ClickJacking defense “Microsoft-proprietary”? IE8 exhibits a certain behavior when it encounters a certain HTTP response header. HEY MICROSOFT STOP OWNING PROPERTY