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T-Shirts for Fans of Obvious Mathematical Statements

by Simon Pieters in WHATWG

5 > 2”. So now you know.

6 Responses to “T-Shirts for Fans of Obvious Mathematical Statements”

  1. That is way too obscure. If you’re trying to advocate HTML5 with that, you need to give a bit more context: enough for someone who doesn’t spend all day reading WHATWG mail to understand the statement.

    Also, the font choice is really lame. What did you pick, Arial? It’s not a display type, and it’s not even kerned properly.

    You’ve got an interesting T-shirt idea there, but I suggest you enlist someone with better design skills to improve it.

  2. So I was hoping by this time someone would have posted context, but since nobody has (and since I don’t have the time to follow or dig through archives of yet more mailing lists)…

    Context, please?

  3. Jeff, the context is (X)HTML5 > XHTML2.

    Anne, as you like it. Just don’t make it about the superiority of the #whatwg regulars over the rest of the HTML5 fans. I seriously think a lot of people could have fun with this, but it needs work to make it more accessible (and, well, polished).

  4. Oh. Duh. 🙂

    What I think threw me is that I’ve never thought about HTML5 as explicitly competing with XHTML2 (more just ignoring it completely), so I didn’t think to make the 2::XHTML2 association. I would have had no such trouble if it’d been a 4, but that lacks some of the intended subtilty of the (5,2) pair.

  5. The t-shirts inspired me and I created a WHATWG wallpaper. It is available in multiple resolutions at following URL:

    It’s a bit too simple IMO, but I am no graphics designer. If there is someone willing to improve it a bit, please feel free. (SVG source is included.)