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html5lib 0.10 Released

by James Graham in WHATWG

html5lib 0.10 is now available for your HTML-parsing pleasure.

html5lib is an implementation of the HTML 5 parsing algorithm, available in both Python and Ruby flavours. The HTML 5 algorithm is based on reverse engineering the behaviour of popular web browsers and so is compatible with the myriad of broken HTML encountered on the web.

Features in 0.10:


3 Responses to “html5lib 0.10 Released”

  1. I suck at programming, but I downloaded the Python one yesterday to see what it was like. Wow, it really makes my stuff look like a dog’s breakfast! It’s just so neat and carefully crafted. And there’s a lot of intricacy in what it does.

    Even though everything is written with enviable concision, there’s a lot of code which has gone into this. Awesome work! 🙂