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HTML5 at Last Call

by Ian Hickson in WHATWG

For a brief period today, there were no outstanding e-mails or bugs on the specs, and so I took that opportunity to transition us here at the WHATWG to the next stage of HTML5's development: Last Call! This affects three specs at the WHATWG:

There's also a version of the spec called Web Applications 1.0 (for nostalgic reasons) that has all of the above as well as a number of other specs, namely Web Storage, Web Database, Server-sent Events, and the Web Sockets API and protocol, all together in one document. With the exception of the Web Database spec, they're all now in last call at the WHATWG.

So if you've been waiting to see if someone else would report the problem that you had seen, well, if it's not fixed, they didn't! So you should now send that feedback in yourself.

There's two ways to send feedback. If your feedback is something short and simple, you can just load up the spec in your browser, click on the section with the problem, then type in your message using the review comments box that appears at the bottom of the window, and hit the "Submit Review Comments" button. This works for the HTML5 and Web Applications 1.0 specs. (Thanks to the W3C HTML Working Group for making their bug database available to us for this purpose.)

If your feedback is more elaborate, then you should subscribe to the mailing list and then send your feedback there.

Note: Lest there be any confusion, the W3C HTML WG has not yet transitioned HTML5 to Last Call at the W3C. HTML5 is a joint effort of W3C and WHATWG groups, but we have different issues lists and different criteria for going to Last Call. For more details on the W3C HTML WG's processes, see the W3C HTML WG charter.

16 Responses to “HTML5 at Last Call”

  1. Since Hixie didn’t mention it explicitly in the post, it is worth noting that the W3C does not consider the draft to be in LC yet; they have their own set of issues that have to be addressed before declaring LC.

  2. How long will last call… last? And why the is there no way of writing to the buffer of an audio steam? The current state of is almost entirely static. You can only do relatively boring things with it. It’s scope is very narrow compared to the current state of it’s sibling media elements like and .

  3. I had nothing to do today so I went poking around the spec in view-source mode… what’s with all the empty title= attributes on code/var/etc.? Not a big deal, I just found it weird (moreso since some of them have it and some don’t).

  4. For historical reasons, we use title=”” as part of the cross-references system in HTML5, and the empty title=”” prevents a cross-reference being made accidentally. Eventually we’ll transition to data-xref=”” or something.