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HTML 5 published as W3C First Public Working Draft!

by Anne van Kesteren in W3C

Moments ago the joint effort of the W3C HTML WG and WHATWG resulted in publication of two documents in the W3C Technical Report space: HTML 5 and HTML 5 differences from HTML 4. I think I can safely say that the WHATWG community is very happy with the W3C publishing HTML 5 as a First Public Working Draft. Many thanks to all involved!

9 Responses to “HTML 5 published as W3C First Public Working Draft!”

  1. Even with IE8 debacle going on, today was able to turn up some good news. Looks like there’s more reading for me to do now…

  2. I’ve been using the new elements as my IDs for my templates lately (ex: id=”aside”). Its a good way to learn them.