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Google Tech Talk: HTML5 demos

by Ian Hickson in Browser API, Browsers, Conformance Checking, DOM, Elements, Events, Forms, Multimedia, Syntax, WHATWG

I gave a talk at Google on Monday demonstrating the various features of HTML5 that are implemented in browsers today. The video is now on YouTube, so now you too can watch and laugh at my lame presentation skills!

The segments of this talk are as follows. Some of the demos are available online for you to play with and are linked to from the following list:

  1. Introduction
  2. <video> (00:35)
  3. postMessage() (05:40)
  4. localStorage (15:20)
  5. sessionStorage (21:00)
  6. Drag and Drop API (29:05)
  7. onhashchange (37:30)
  8. Form Controls (40:50)
  9. <canvas> (56:55)
  10. Validation (1:07:20)
  11. Questions and Answers (1:09:35)

If you're very interested in watching my typos, the high quality version of the video on the YouTube site is clear enough to see the text being typed. More details about the demos can be found on the corresponding demo page.

7 Responses to “Google Tech Talk: HTML5 demos”

  1. Hopefully we can get the Media Fragments specification that is in development with the new W3C Media Fragments Working Group finalized in a short amount of time and support in browsers implemented, such that your links above can actually link to time offsets in the video!

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  4. Tomer Cohen says:

    Any chance we can get the video in a recognizable format suitable for offline viewing? I prefer ogg vorbis, and if possible you may even embed it here, so we’ll get real-world demostration of the feature available in Firefox 3.1 nightlies.

    (And no, I don’t think the youtube downloading scripts download the hi-res flv video)

  5. Lachlan Hunt says:

    Tomer, Miro is able to download the MP4 file directly from YouTube somehow I’ll see if we can publish an Ogg Thera version as well though.

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