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WHATWG Weekly: Week ending May 16th

by Shelley Powers in Weekly Review

In the WHATWG email lists:

In April, Kyle Huey proposed a canvas.toBlob function, and Ian Hickson added the feature this week (HTML5 Tracker item for change).

Jer Noble posted a note providing feedback on Mozilla's Full Screen API based on Webkit's implementation of the functionality. This triggered a lively and fairly extended discussion.

Aryeh Gregor noted that pressing Enter in contenteditable generates different behaviors in the different browsers, asking which is the preferred behavior.

Philip Jägenstedt brought up concerns about video...script race conditions and consistent HTML5 video event firing. This is not a new concern, as witness the detailed write up of the problem by Simon Pieters in October, 2010.

Boris Zbarsky questioned the interaction between <wbr> and CSS white space. He questioned the <wbr> requirement that the element trumps the white-space property and provides a line breaking opportunity—something not consistently applied among the browsers.

Over at the W3C:

The W3C has been extremely busy this week with roll outs of new drafts, last calls, and various other announcements. I'm going to defer to Karl Dubost at the W3C Blog for coverage of the individual items in detail, but among the announcements were ones for LC for the second edition of SVG 1.1, the rollout of the first draft for the RDFa interfaces, as well as an announcement of several companies joining the Open Web Platform effort.

The HTML WG co-chairs passed down a decision on Issue 131, having to do with Canvas caret focus API. The co-chairs provided a document diff to be applied, and as of May 15th, the diff was applied and is now waiting verification. Any further concerns about the issue will now be addressed as LC comments.

I'm assuming this HTML5 tracker item is the application of the change.

Janina Sajka passed on a request from the HTML-A11Y Task Force to expedite reconsideration of the Issue 80 decision. This request has to do with asking that title not be used as an acceptable alternative for alt with an image.

The HTML5 co-chairs have published a Last Call Timeline. May 24 marks the beginning of the Last Call review period. To this end, the co-chairs also published an announcement of a LC decision poll (poll results). I'm expecting all active members of the HTML WG to participate in this important poll.

The poll covers six different documents: HTML5, HTML5+RDFa, HTML Microdata, HTML Canvas 2D Context, HTML/XHTML Compatibility Guide, and the HTML5 alternative text guide.

The co-chairs have also asked for consensus on publishing three other working drafts at the same time as the LC publication of the previously listed six documents. These three drafts cover the HTML: The Markup Language, HTML5 diffs from HTML4, and HTML to Platform Accessibility APIs Implementation Guide documents.

That's a lot of documents. For all of the contentiousness in the group, it has been quite prolific.

Speaking of which, the HTML WG co-chairs also published a revised WG Decision Policy procedure this morning.

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