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WHATWG Weekly: Synchronized Media

by Anne van Kesteren in Weekly Review

Probably the most interesting proposal last week was an email by Silvia Pfeiffer on a Multitrack Media API. Specifically, how to synchronize media resources for the purposes of e.g. sign language and independent audio description tracks. Jeroen Wijering suggested this should be handled in a manifest, outside of HTML.

Interesting implementation-wise, Emiliano Martinez Luque announced he wrote a Microdata library for PHP.

Change Proposals

Two weeks ago Frank Olivier from Microsoft wrote a Change Proposal for playbackRate that I missed. Namely that user agents can ignore it being set if they cannot change the speed at which the media resource plays.

Related to change proposals the W3C HTML WG now has a straw poll going on as to whether WAI-ARIA should be allowed to override native HTML semantics.


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