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WHATWG Weekly: RTC API and a download attribute

by Anne van Kesteren in Weekly Review

The bits of HTML the W3C is publishing as HTML5 are getting ever more stable. Ian Hickson continued addressing feedback throughout last week. There are still some three hundred odd bugs outstanding, but mostly these are relatively minor problems. This does not mean that major changes might not happen of course. One discussion currently ongoing is whether the time element should be replaced with a more generic data element.

On the front of new features, Cisco and Mozilla put forward a new RTC API proposal. They also outlined how it is different from what is in the WHATWG specification. A long thread discussing the details followed. Video conferencing is the next big thing the web platform is going to tackle. Allowing for Chatroulette and Google+ Hangouts without plugins.

Ian Fette from Google proposed a new rel attribute value, attachment. A long thread led to the proposal of a new download attribute instead for the a element which allows specifying a filename. The attribute allows for specifying an implied Content-Disposition header on the retrieved resource. Darin Fisher outlines some of the advantages.

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