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The WHATWG at the W3C technical plenary

by Ian Hickson in W3C, WHATWG

The W3C is having its technical plenary day today, and a number of WHATWG contributors are there. It's hard to participate remotely in this event, but you can watch and listen — the W3C is publishing an audio stream (in Ogg; a Java applet alternative is available too), and has commissioned realtime captioning for the event. There's also W3C IRC channel on the topic on, port 6665, channel #tp, password beantown * (a single asterisk) (it's not clear why there's a password, just go with it) (no password anymore). You can also chat with WHATWG contributors who are present at the event on our own IRC channel.

The agenda for the day is available from the W3C site. Don't forget to adjust the times from the Boston timezone to your timezone if you want to listen to a particular session.

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